Marketing & Sales Automation

The secret to turning your website into a sales machine is to add intelligence behind the scenes. The fastest way to do this is to deploy marketing automation solution designed for high-volume websites, such as Loopfuse OneView. By using marketing automation tools, you can better track prospect viewing behavior, and create leadflow programs that send targeted email campaigns to help develop prospects to qualified leads with little or no effort from sales, and you can help automatically focus sales efforts on only the most promising prospects in your pipeline—helping sales to more effectively increase revenue from your pipeline.

Email Campaigns

Automated email campaigns are an incredibly effective way to develop prospects to qualified leads and revenue-generating customers. Silicon Spark can help you create several different strategies and apply them automatically based on visitor activity. We can help you develop lead nurturing campaigns that actively develop interested prospects to qualified leads. These lead nurturing campaigns help interested buyers become more successful using your product during a trial period as well as educate them to additional products and services that your company offers. Additionally, drip campaigns can be used to keep your company and products top of mind for less interested prospects so when the time is right for them to actively search for your types of products or services your business is top of mind. We can help you create the content as well as the creative for rich HTML emails and landing pages.

Sales Automation

Marketing automation helps fill the pipeline with prospects, but integrating your marketing automation solution with your customer relationship management (CRM) software is key to focusing sales efforts on the most promising prospects, and returning the less qualified prospects to marketing for further development. At Silicon Spark, we have a proven methodology to integrating, automating, and scoring the leads so finding the most promising leads is easy for your sales organization. We'll help you to automatically collect key data to qualify prospects, and develop targeted lead queues and measurement tools to better focus sales efforts. Our methodology has been used at many of the best web companies on the market today to help lower the cost of sales and improve revenue.