Search Engine Optimization

Millions of new web pages are added every day. Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! all employ armies of smart engineers solely tasked to continue to evolve their search algorithms in order to help people to search more effectively. In order to capture a significant portion of the online market, ensuring your business is listed in the top ten search results for relevant keywords is critical to being found by your qualified prospects and attracting a broad base of customers and revenue. Silicon Spark has a proven two-phase process to help move your website to the top of your search results.

1. Improve Organic Search Results

Improving organic search is the keystone to a successful search engine optimization strategy. Organic search, also commonly called free search, not only helps naturally drive traffic to your site by targeting the keywords your top prospects frequently search for, but it also sets the thresholds for quality scores that big search engines like Google use to set the prices for paid search. By focusing first on organic search, you can prove what keywords are the most successful in attracting well-qualified, high-value customers and prospects, and later expand to a paid search strategy that is more likely to provide strong returns on investment (ROI).

To build organic search, we first need to identify your search program goals and target keywords. Following that, we perform a site audit that will identify how search engines see your website, benchmark how target keywords are performing, and identify how to build links both internally and externally. From there, we will outline areas to improve your site organization, content, and optimize the code so the search engines will rank your site at the top. We will also build a regular audit process and teach your organization how to use search engine optimization tools to continually monitor the performance of your keywords and add future keywords as your business demands.

2. Develop Paid Search Strategies That Work

Once you have a solid base for your organic search, your paid search efforts will quickly prove effective in attracting additional well qualified prospects by creating offers and specific lead capture pages oriented around the keywords. Paid search ensures your website is listed prominently on all qualified searches. We can help you craft the ads, target the ads, manage spend and improve lead conversion through creating targeted landing pages. We can also help you perform competitive analysis and tracking so you can not only see how your website is performing, but can target opportunities that your competitors may have identified and ensure you have the maximum reach to harness the maximum market share.